Friday, March 6, 2009

Knight Hawk, Registered name Arent, Barn name Knighty

Madame Col. Olds Rossi lost an old friend this week when Knighty passed away at the age of 28, which is a remarkable age for a Fresian. He was imported from Holland at 8 years old and was a champion driving horse over there, before Dianne started riding him. Below is Knighty and Dianne in the Rose Bowl Parade.


Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace Knighty. A tried and true gentleman and the best teacher a novice rider could have had.

Anonymous said...

Tears come to my eyes when I see the lovely pictures of this grand old man. He was everyone's favorite and our "Let's let Knighty do it" His announcement was always "As a horse king this majestic Friesian rules his kingdom from high above, surveying his empire, he seems to be captured from legend. King of the World!" He was all of that and more.Rest in peace old man.

Anonymous said...

Dianne, I am very sorry for your loss.
Mary Ann

Wade G. Burck said...

Mary Ann,
I remember the first time I saw Knighty, and I am sure Dianne remembers this. Two girls Megan and Ceel, who were students of Dianne's were leading him down the barn aisle. He was an older horse then, and had "old horse" issue's, sway back, thinner/bonier structure, etc. I didn't know how old he was but I thought, "I hope this isn't all the Ms. Old Rossi has, because it sure isn't much. A half hour later I saw the girls riding Knighty and he looked like an entirely different horse. Collected, mounted, and moving like a show horse, he looked nothing like the horse I had seen walking down the aisle.
I then met Dianne and saw her other horses, and when she told me how old Knighty was, I was shocked that he was in as great of shape as he was. Which you can be guaranteed was due to the care that he received through his long life.

cwdancinfool said...

Dianne - So sorry to hear of your loss. Nighty certainly was a grand old man. He will be missed.