Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rex Williams and Bird

That is Col. Joe in the background, and it looks like Joy beside him.


Big Al said...

That damn burd was a mean SOB. It attacked everybody encluding me.

It attacked USDA inspectors, sponsors, friends......everybody but Rex.

Big Al said...

You know I'd give anything to have that bird dive bomb me one more time. I still miss Rex.

Anonymous said...

I heard this story about Bird and sure wished I was there to see it.

My dad ended up giving that bird to Billy Rogers because the "feather dust' was hurting his lungs.

A little bit of time passed and my dad went to visit the bird. Bird excitedly ran up my dads arm and up to his head, just like he always did and then, Bird attacked him.

I miss my dad everyday. Thanks for posting his pictures.

Wade G. Burck said...

Trust me, you don't miss him alone. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
Best wishes,