Monday, August 27, 2012

National Zoo Elephant House





Richard Reynolds said...

The hippos are the male Bongo and female Pinky.

Pinky had been born to Alice on July 18, 1928 while en route on Hagenbeck Wallace from Racine WI to Marinette, WI across the river from Menominee, MI.

In 1936 Pinky was sold to Cole Bros and delivered to at the stand in South Bend that year.

Pinky last toured with Cole in 1938 - -part of that season on the Cole show and the last part with Robbins Bros where I saw her in the parade here in Atlanta.

The next year Pinky was traded to the Nat'l zoo (Washington) for a pygmy hip. The pygmy went with Cole in 1939 and then burned up in the Rochester fire in early 1940.

Pinky had a long life at National Zoo until retired to Zoorama in New Market, VA. She was sent there on loan on 7 July 1959 and died there on 31 Dec 1960.

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you again for the history lesson. Great stuff. I hope you are well, friend.