Monday, July 9, 2012

Louis Knie Year Unknown


Anonymous said...

Louis Knie 1977 Circus Knie

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you. I thought 1976, but wasn't sure. Boy oh boy, what an era to get into in the wild animal training game!!!!!! Coming from North Dakota two year's prior, I assumed I had stumbled upon wild animal Nirvana.
Some of the greatest ever, at the top of their game, going head to head, mano a mano. If you didn't have at least 15 in the cage, don't even come to the table. Louis Knie, Charly Baumann, Jim Clubb, Dickie Chipperfield, Wolfgang Holtzmier, Dave McMillian, Gunther Gebel Williams, Pat Anthony, Ursula Bottcher etc. etc. I was twenty three years old at the time with the 17 Hawthorn White Tigers. I struggled every day for many year's not to be overwhelmed by the personage's surrounding me. I am still not so sure I deserved to be that blessed to be there. What it was can't be described in simple word's. You had to have been there, done that, and seen that, to have a small idea of what was, and what has been lost.