Friday, January 27, 2012

Franklin Park Zoo Elephants--Molly, Waddy, Tony

On a different note, as it is curious to me, 'why did there seem to be a number of "white footed" hippos years ago in captivity, and almost none today? Also, any thoughts on what caused or why the feet were often white or spotted. In conversations in the past on the blog with captive animal historian Richard Reynolds, no conclusion was ever reached.'

Tony the elephant getting swept off by Dan Harkins 1932. Does this look like the elephant labeled "Tony" in the pictures in the below thread? I wonder if Tony had some "issue's?" Note the heavy, heavy duty chain. In the first 3 pictures, it look's like only Tony and Waddy outside with the hippo. I wonder if the issues were with Molly as well?

Molly, Waddy, and Tony at Franklin Park Zoo, "Training for Children's Day." Year unknown.


Larry R. said...

Scar tissue on a hippo can appear white or bright pink. Perhaps as time went on better capture, shipping and handling practices resulted in less damage to their feet.

Larry Records

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you for that comment. I had suggested possibly the water quality, too much or two little clorine, etc. was responsible to RJR. Odd thing, with rare exception, it tends to be one foot, or sometimes two. I think I have seen a picture with one hippo with 3 white legs.