Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good For You Gary and Kari. Another Mark in The Win Column!!!!!!

We won the right to keep offering elephant rides at the San Diego County Fair! The board decided to re-visit the issue in 2014. Read all about it below.

There were about 30 people who spoke for us at the meeting. There were representatives from the veterinary community, animal trainers, fair people, neighbors, stunt people and animal trainers from the movie industry along with representatives from the Western Fairs Association and the Elephant Managers Association. People copied us on well over 100 letters they wrote to the board of directors. These were not form letters like the animal rights people are famous for sending. These were letters from people that know us and have a connection with us in some way. We will keep and treasure these letters.

The people speaking at the meeting were absolutely amazing. We were so hesitant to ask for help. Some of you found out about the meeting just a few says ago and flew in or drove hundreds of miles to be there for us. Just saying thank you doesn't convey how much we appreciate all the different kinds of support you have given us but we don't have words to express it so, thank you. ~Kari & Gary and Everyone at Have Trunk Will Travel

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