Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mappin Terrace Today--London Zoo

Mappin Terrace was one of the I feel strangest, most ill conceived, inadequate structure's in the history of Zoological Architecture. The photo below, is when the Terrace's were closed for renovation, and the two photo's above are of the new "Australian Outback" at the Mappin Terrace. Thank God for Emu's and Wallaby's, as it would be hard to find any other species, appropriate for the Mappin Terrace. Initally when it was closed, it was proposed to renovate it into either a Polar Bear or a Gorilla exhibit. In Mappin Terrace's "glory day's" it had goats and sheep at the back, six bear enclosures in the middle and wild pigs and aquatic birds at the bottom. Does Glenn or anybody else know if they aquarium is still underneith the Terrace? It was quite unique.


Anonymous said...

The unique part of the terrace is that underneath it is the water storage tanks for the aquarium as well as the aquarium.For its age,it is a considerable piece of zoo construction.It has to be seen to be fully appreciated.It is a listed structure like so many of London zoo's architecture.London costs ZSL alt in maintenance and refurbishment and therefore Whipsnade doesn't see the funding it deserves.


Wade G. Burck said...

So is the aquarium still functioning and in use? There are very few pictures I have ever seen of it, and I can only speculate that it was because it was dark inside, much like the cave it was. The times have so changed. The Royal Architect Institute has an "over head" blue print from the Tecton Group, available for sale as a copy, of the, and this is a quote on the Tecton plan "Penguin Cage" which as we all know, is now called the "Penguin Pool."

Anonymous said...

There is loads of tanks in use in the aquarium.No walk thru shark tank and it's no Monterey bay but it serves an educational purpose for the kids of London.They have had some success with seahorse.They keep freshwater and saltwater species.I was even suprised to see a Pignosed turtle from New Guinea and Northern Australia.