Friday, November 23, 2012

John Milton Herriott

 "The Next Town"
"Gazooney" dedicated to Bill Hill
"Circus Liberty Horses" inspired by horses trained Circus World  in Haines City
 "Circus High School Horse" about Capt. Heyer and Starless Night
 "The Clowns", "A Showman" about Karl Wallenda
"Gunther"  a series of  Gunther type comments dedicated to Gunther
"The Greatest Show On Earth"s written on the  Ringling Red on a jump from Seattle to Salt Lake
"Florida" inspired about the contrast between Florida and Wisconsin
"A Circus Elephant" at the time of the death of Marcella an elephant on Ringling Blue
"A Merry Christmas Day" memories of Christmas in winterquarters
"My Life"  personal memories
"The Old Showmen's Heaven"

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