Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kaliningrad Zoo/Königsberg Tiergarten



Moose monument by sculptur vom Elch made for the town of Tilsit, commissioned by Ludwig Vordermeyer at 1911. After the war it was moved to Kaliningrad Zoo. It was returned to Tilst in September 2006.


The first zoo director, Hermann Claaß, retired on May 31, 1913. Walter Rosenberg built a statue in his honor, which was erected on the main avenue of the park on June 13. After the war the sculpture disappeared and was rediscovered only much later, in a private residence on Vatunin street occupied by the Gosstrakh. The discoverer, A. Novik, was the late director of the Komsomol 40th Anniversary park, a known regional specialist, and the founder of a pre-war Königsberg museum. The pedestal of the statue was discovered in a playground on the intersection of Ogaryov and Kutuzov streets. In 1990 the monument was reassembled and re-erected in the zoo on its former spot.

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