Friday, October 26, 2012

Joe Short

Joe Short was Captain Bob-Lo, a diminutive clown who entertained the children on board. He had been hired by the Brownings away from the Ringling Brothers Circus and worked the boat until 1974, when he retired at age 90. He died the following year.

Joe Short known fondly to thousands of kids and their parents as Captain Bob-Lo plied the Detroit River aboard the Bob-Lo cruise boats Columbia and the St. Claire. A diminutive clown just 4 feet 1 inches tall, Joe entertained both children and adults riding the Bob-lo boats headed to and from the island amusement park. 
Joe Short  Detroit Zoo

'Joe Short seemed to have a great and lucrative life in the entertainment field, dying at the age of 91.   Good thing he had the chance, before "political correctness" and "sensitivities" against sideshow performers arrived on the scene

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Bob Cline said...

I knew about the Bob-Lo Island amusement park near Detroit but I never actually saw it. I guess its all gone now.