Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chapultepec Zoo Elephants

From the website The Elephant Commentator:

San Juan de Aragon Zoo has 2 female Asian elephants - details on this database:

Like Ramba in Chile, Magy/Maggie was confiscated from a circus and was the subject of a court case.
In 1999, Maggie attacked and injured her trainer. Her owners wanted to destroy the animal, but an investigation found a similar scenario occured with a different elephant that was killed while on tour in Columbia. The Mexican Federal Environmental Protection Agency confiscated Maggie in November 2001 and placed her at the zoo at Chapultepec Park in Mexico City.
In 2009, the Federal Government lost their case against the circus when proper documentation was provided proving ownership. The Aragon Zoo paid three million pesos to keep Magy.


10 photos (2008-2011) of the elephants and their exhibit on this link:

'This is incredible to me. On the Chapultepec Zoo website:

Official website: www.chapultepec.df.gob.mx

there is a picture titled "Elephante." Click on it, then click on "elephantes y circo." Old antiquated pictures of elephants, no show name given, with the admonishment that the circus is bad, and folks should stay away from it. Even a picture of a Ringling Bros. elephant, with no statement that Ringling Bros. has had, cared for, and bred more elephant's then Chapultepec will ever dream of!!!!!!!!!! Just amazing that Chapultepec whom has had a very, very checkered past would stoop to that level to justify their existence.'

Even more amazingly Zoo Argon has an "animal behaviorist" on staff(recall anonymous who placed great store in them, because they went to collage) named Dagmar Gerdes, Manager of Behavior Enrichment, who spoke at the recent PAWS Shindig:

Summit for the elephantS, 2012 Hosted at the Oakland Zoo

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