Friday, October 14, 2011

It is Difficult to Understand What Point This Practice is Proving? "training exercise" is a real stretch.

A five-month-old tiger cub looks at a rabbit in Jiufeng Forest Zoo in Wuhan, Hubei province January 23, 2011. The rabbit was put in the enclosure as a training exercise for the tiger to stimulate its hunting instinct, local media reported.


Anonymous said...

Is it the lethal killer rabbit from Monty Python?

Anonymous said...

Gee. I wonder what happened next . . .?

Bruce the Clown

Wade G. Burck said...

As for this being any kind of "training exercise" I wonder what the tiger cub will think when he is confronted with trees, brush, rocks, etc. "Gosh, I wonder what all that stuff is for?" It's for you, stupid. Don't you know you are supposed to stalk and hide behind them? Did you think a rabbit was going to hop up and take a shit in your open mouth every time? What in the heck did they teach you at Chinese tiger training school?