Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hi Everyone,I am sure most of you are very busy but one of our industry leaders needs help. I know most of you know Gary and Kari Johnson with Have Trunk Will Travel. They are in need of support from all of us. Please read the information below. If you are able to attend the meeting, that would be great. However, everyone of you can take a few minutes right now and forward this info to everyone you know and take the time to write a letter yourself. If any of you are unsure how you feel about elephant rides take a moment to think about it. HTWT provides the best care possible for their animals and are leaders in the effort to bring awareness about the plight of elephants without human intervention. Hundreds of thousands of people visit fairs and functions where HTWT provides elephants for rides or demonstrations. I have had the pleasure to work for HTWT and I can tell you that when a person has the opportunity to sit on top of an elephant and feel the power of this majestic animal it can be a life changing experience. These are the people who want to know more about how they can make a difference and keep these magnificent animals from extinction. If you have ever been to a fair that HTWT has elephant rides at, then you know how spectacular the display is. For those of you who have never seen them at a fair it is nothing short of spectacular. There are very professional signs educating everyone on the specific elephants at that event and about elephants in general. Then of course there are the elephants and huge colorful tents to attract everyone’s attention.Once again I am pleading with all of you to take a few minutes to write a letter and forward this info on to anyone you know who will write a letter. I have been to several of these “meetings” and it has been quoted by administrators of the meetings “that it is a numbers game.” We all know that the opposition will send hundreds of letters and people to this meeting. We all need to stand up together and make our opinions heard. If the opposition succeeds in putting HTWT out of business then all the rest of us will be close behind them. If you truly love elephants and want to continue making a living working with them, you must help support one of the leaders in our industry!! Write your letters now, don’t put it off. Take 5 minutes to compose a quick letter and send it! This meeting is on November 8th. That is only a few days away! We all need to act and act now on this issue.Thank you in advance for your prompt responses.

Trudy Williams Manager Animal Stewardship
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation.

"I sure would have been interested in Kari's response to her many statement's of hot shot's "never" being used, instead of it being ignored. Has anyone seen anything where it was addressed? If so, please send it on, I would be interested in seeing what was said."

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