Friday, August 27, 2010

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! USDA is now in the "find a home for the animal business". I thought they only did confiscations and inspections?

The Wild Animal Orphanage near San Antonio, Texas is having difficulty
caring for their animals. They are now trying to find homes for 55
tigers, 14
lions, 3 cougars, 6 wolf hybrids, 2 old (17 years) leopards, and about
200 primates: 18 vervet monkeys, 2 barbary macaques, 2 patas monkeys,
23 +/-
capuchins, 21 baboons (several infants in group), 16 chimps (5 HIV +may
have homes already) and approximately 134 macaques, all retired

We are working on finding homes for many of the animals but if you know
a facility who would be willing to take one or more of any of these
animals, please contact me at _laurie.j.gage@aphis.usda.gov_
( . Also if you or your facility
might be able to make
donations of primate or big cat food, or able to help with the
of animals, please let me know. Right now the animals all belong to the
WAO and the transfer would be between the WAO and your facility.
of food or other resources would go to the WAO. USDA Animal Care is
to help with the situation. We may be able to arrange for
of some of the animals.

Thanks all in advance for any thoughts, ideas, donations or advice.

Laurie Gage, DVM, DIpl. ACZM
Big Cat Specialist USDA APHIS Animal Care

Courtesy of Steve Robinson

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