Monday, July 1, 2013

Vintage Bronx Zoo--New York, New York

Records Program History - weekly field photo

Zoo's used to serve a dual purpose of conservation, education as well as Natural History Museum.   Then dead, mounted animal heads and hides became offensive to the public.   The world class Head and Horns Collection of the Bronx Zoo is now housed at the Buffalo Bill Museum.   Incredible how the world's perception has changed........  From wanting to be educated, to telling the educator's how to do it.

Vintage National Zoo--Washington, D. C.

Buffalo House 1918

These buffaloe were collected and mounted by William Temple Hornaday in 1886

Vintage National Zoo--Washington, D. C.

What started out as a Zebu House in 1996, became a Camel House in 1906, and a Llama House by 1916



Vintage National Zoo--Washington, D. C.





1964  Workers construct the new aviary at the National Zoological Park near Washington, DC 

Vintage National Zoo--Washington D. C.