Thursday, November 18, 2010

Accident at the Cincinnati Zoo

I don't know when this accident occurred, but I think Bill Hoff was the Director of the Cincinnati Zoo from 1960-1964, so it had to have happened in those years. Jim Alexander, correct me if I am wrong.

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Jim A. said...

I was close by on the elephant house parking lot where the Zoo staged a wild animal circus. The year was 1963. We were preparing to do an afternoon show when there was a lot of activity over at the giraffe yard. Seems that a grandfather stepped over the low chain barrier to show his grandson how to feed a giraffe. The male reticulated giraffe was known to be a little more agressive than normal. The giraffe knocked the man into the yard with a swing of his head and then kicked him.

Joe Frisco Sr. was incharge of the show and was over at the scene. I stayed back getting things ready for the show. Bill Hoff was the Director, Ed Maruska was Gen. Curator. At the end summer the cage act was sold to the Peoria IL Zoo and Joe went with it. Joe played winter date with the act for a few years then the act was sold to the Phoenix AZ Zoo.