Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Franz Trubka with a group of Court tigers


Anonymous said...

Whoever You are, you helped me to make a vish come throug. I am the biological daughter of this man.I was a small child, when I was adopted by swedish parents. All my life I´ve been wondering about my ruotes.Until now I didn´t know how he looked like.So, thank`s for your help.(last year I got a computer-so without that, this couldn´t come throug.Hope to hear from you soon, wherever you are. I don´t see, why you showed this picture.Are you fond of circus ? As I don´t know you,this will be all for now. Best regards A.f Trubka

Wade G. Burck said...

Hello A F Trubka,
Do you currently live in England? I showed the picture, because in 1974, when I joined the circus the animal trainer I worked for, told me Franz Trubka was one of Alfred Courts greatest trainers. My email is If you get in touch, we can probably find other pictures of your father, and the man he worked with.
Kind Regards,
Wade Burck

Anonymous said...

Hello , now i know, that my dad, pierre frans daughter shes dead now, i heard from my dad pierre that she have a something in hers belly , im not so god at english , becuse, im swedish im from sweden, and im only 13 years old, i think this is fantastic or how you write it, hehe :P Bye Madelene Trubka Sibylla Rebecka.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends and family.

I have a lot of pictures and other stuff from danish newspapers concerning Franz Trubka. My father is also the late Franz Trubka, my name is Denise Trubka Stangerup and my older brother Henrik Bjørn Trubka is the happy result form marriage from Astrid and Frans Trubka. We´re living in Denmark, and so if you or anyone like to share memories. Let me know i. e. mail me on
Take care