Sunday, February 12, 2012

RBBB Dragons

New concept in "circus superstar." No demands, no hot water in the dressing room necessary, no preferential parking, no contract re-negotiation, no counterfeit suck-ups, always happy, always on, does what it is told to do, when it is told to do it.


Jim A. said...

No secrets out of school but the Dragon could be a problem. Disney opened its Expedition Everst roller coaster in 2006. It was a Great ride. A great story about climbing in the Himalayas and the legend of the Yeti. The blow-off was the train passing a huge animotronic(sp?) Yeti that would growl and swipe down at the riders.

A few months after the ride opened the Yeti developed mechanical problems. Some days it worked as designed, some days slower, some days not at all. The Yeti is so complicated he can't be repaired without major work and closing the attraction. If you go on the ride today you can see the Yeti at the end, lit with flashing strobe lights. He's often called "disco Yeti". It's still a unique ride and worth a ride. (If you go, do the standby line - it's a great "pre-show.)

If Ringling's Dragon has a major mechanical problem they'll still have a circus. It just will loose a lot of its theme and excitement. It has happened before.

Wade G. Burck said...

Good point, and I thought the same thing recalling Elvin Bales "mechanical dragon" rusting away behind the mechanic's shop in Venice in 1984.
Should "Dragon" go South, I can imagine a scenario where it is loaded in a semi in the dead of night and spirited to Palmetto. Contact the press with an alarming "RBBB Dragon Escapes" with free ticket offer's and guest Ringmaster opportunities for sightings. USDA looks like moron's after making a midnight run to the Supreme Court, where a hastily assembled panel of sleepy judges throw's it out with a simple, "you are shitting us, right?" Peta goes ballistic, claiming it is proof positive the circus sucks because the dragon fled it's life of shackles and tyranny. Pat Derby goes on the mooch to build a Dragon sanctuary called Camelot. Let the ar nitwits play with that for a few days, repair the dragon, spirit him back to the show in the dead of night, and counter-claim Peta, USDA, and Pat Derby with proof positive that the circus is in fact Shangri-La because the dragon returned. I see it topping the Unicorn's box office......