Saturday, February 11, 2012

Herta(Klauser)Cuneo--Ringling Bros. Circus

For any new readers of circusNOspin who may not know who Herta Cuneo is, she the wife of John Cuneo, Jr. and the greatest bear trainer I have ever had the opportunity to see, assist, and learn from. Many bear trainers say her father, Walter Klauser was best of his generation. I can't vouch for that, because I never knew Mr. Klauser. I can vouch for Herta as being the best of my generation. Above is Herta(Goldilocks) and one of her father's bear's, Katja on the 1950 Ringling Bros. Circus(If I am wrong on the date, I trust Herta will correct me. :) When I assisted Herta in the mid 70's, Misha rolled the ball.

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