Sunday, January 8, 2012

For RJR--Ringling Giraffe

1954 Sarasota, Fla.

Unusual picture of the 4 giraffe that RJR mentioned a while back that Ringling carried. Does anyone know what year this was? Is it 1936 as RJR mentioned earlier? How long did Ringling haul 4 giraffe? Circo Aguilar currently carries 4 giraffe, 3 females and a young male and I am trying to figure out how long it has been since a show carried 4 giraffe at one time. The addition of the sideshow folks makes this a really neat picture.


Richard Reynolds said...

If the first photo is 1954, there should have been more giraffes in those pens. I see only two.

I was in Sarasota in March 1954 and counted 5 giraffes in these pens. They were female Nubian Edith (imported 1936), her son Nubian Boston (born 1946) , Nubian Gloria (inbred offspring of Edith and Boston, born 1951), Reticulated Ingrid (imported 1950), Retic x Nubian Micheline (offspring of Boston and Ingrid). Micheline had been born shortly before I was there.

The second photo showing the four was taken in the Garden. I would date it as 1931, ‘33, ‘34 or ‘36. It would not be 1932 because a large male was lost on the trip up from Sarasota, making only 3 for the Garden date. However, a pregnant female gave birth in Harrisburg, PA on June 3rd making four giraffes again for the rest of the 1932 tour.

There were 4 in 1928 and may have been that number in 1929 - -I’d have to dig though my records to be sure. There were 4 on the road in 1930 (I have photo by Eddie Jackson) but am not sure if that many were in the Garden.

Barnum & Bailey had 4 on tour in the early years of the last century.

There has not been a “four giraffe” show in USA since RBBB in 1936.

The giant is Jack Earle.

Wade G. Burck said...

Once again, you da man!!! I mentioned to Poncho and Richardo this morning that you had said "36" was the last year a show hauled 4 giraffe. Poncho was quite proud to hear that, as he had no idea.